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Soul Like Khan by Soul Khan

Released on Monday, November 15th, 2010
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Shot Glass Magnified f Sene Lyrics (by Soul Khan)


sometimes it's too hard to read between
the lines that your own hand has scrawled
and the one that you most want and need
may be the one who's last to call

soul khan:

first the slum village breaks up
now every day I wake up
somebody got a problem with soul
but if you didn't know dilla
til there was no dilla
then we probably on an opposite road

some thought this record store was just another stepping stone
but its a place that gave me more than you could ever know
a lotta big names claimed it but they never showed
til they saw the fat lady breaking out her metronome

you'd kill a man that brings a knife into a gunfight
i'd resurrect him with a vial full of sunlight
this music hustle got me fighting for my lovelife
trying to make her understand that lightning never struck twice

my homie sene is getting twisted off the spliff aroma
i'm bottle tippin honest injun on my sixth corona
it's like we on a mission to discover different comas
cause these days shit is uglier than women bowlers

i need to cool my jets before all this foolishness
leaves me with nothing except by a stomach full of new regrets
i ain't trying be the dolphin in the tuna net
i wanna be the oval officer that you elect

so i'mma hitchike the galaxy without a guide
i see the blueprint shine above the town in white
my eyes are green lanterns and behind my speech patterns
there's a wailing wall of every blessing that I count at night


my shot glass magnifies this empty space I'm in
my shot glass magnifies it
my shot glass magnifies
my shot glass magnifies it
my shot glass magnifies
my shot glass magnifies this empty space I'm in