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Soul Like Khan by Soul Khan

Released on Monday, November 15th, 2010
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So I Says Lyrics (by Soul Khan)


doctor, doctor, give me the news
i'm a hostage, hostage to women and booze
and my posture's awkward from getting abused
by these gods and monsters that spit in my food

i don't care about the numbers that you gon do
this is music, motherfucker, not sudoku
they say that life's a bitch like cujo's boo
so i have her in the kitchen mixing culo stew

and i dare you to test-drive these two old shoes
every minute there's some shit i've got to sumo through
on some yokozuna to these no-show losers
like a tone loc tune, i'm gonna lose my cool

and i've been up and down this u.s. of a-holes
and given each one a different reason to hate soul
you thought it was transfats or maybe the nasdaq
nah, it's an honest man making your hands clap



now for my next trick i will remove my limbs
and make them levitate through the use of hymns
i'll have them pour me out a cup of juice and gin
and let them loose to execute their ruthless whims

on the disney imagery that we've known
give me liberty or give me dome
that ain't fair, why? 'cause i need both
i heard freedom's fly, but she don't deepthroat

but is it chauvinism if i just blow my wisdom
in the throat of women that i support? and listen,
it ain't like a little protein shake
is gonna do shit to flip roe v wade

so, whatcha want, soul?
thick thighs on the pole
so, whatcha want, soul?
a little self control
so, whatcha want, soul?
no more sean bells
and my name up in flames, s-o-u-l