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Acknowledgement by Soul Khan

Released on Wednesday, April 27th, 2011
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Soul Like Khan (Video Version) Lyrics (by Soul Khan)


i'm a hell of a geek with intelligent speech
small time but my skills will embellish my reach
fuck the upscale life and the elegant eats
just a grilled cheese and french friends and tell me it's cheap

got the flavor of apollo creed with a plate of collard greens
trying to separate the good and bad from my father's genes
though the better part of me should bury the past
i can't forget the sweat of the woman that carried his ass

she saved and scraped while he was still jobless
she gave us faith while he was still godless
she made mistakes but still remained modest
while he straight escaped while we were unconscious

so now i fear nothing except maybe becoming
the man that made me and then left like it was nothing
a boy shouldn't ever have to be so grown
but when daddy ain't a daddy, got to be your own


i ain't the kind of man to hold my tongue
but sometimes i'm the only one
even if you've been where i'm from
you'll never know a soul like khan
i might sleep on that gravy train
but best believe i'mma stay the same
and y'all can eat off the weight i gain
you'll never know a soul like khan


i throw a penny in the well without wishing
in hopes that it floats with another's ambition
i was always told that small change is still change
caked up or broke down, y'all pain is still pain

i fall in love as easily as breathing
they feel it for a minute, too, but leave me in a season
i've been dropped in the autumn and frozen out in winter
outgrown in the spring and in summer burnt to cinders

i poke my nose where it doesn't belong
in your life, in your speakers, or the front of a thong
we all got some skeletons under our lawn
and my bones poke out so my shovel's a song

i crack a joke at a sucker's expense
but he's just another dude trying to cover the rent
and who am i to judge i'm a god damned mess
but if y'all still listening, i'm god damned blessed


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