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The Noyelle Beat by Standard Fare

Released on Sunday, March 28th, 2010
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Nuit Avec Une Ami Lyrics (by Standard Fare)

You leave your shoes in the hall. You leave your coat on the door. You tell me this is what you wanted and more, so why do I believe you? You go to fix us a drink. Whilst you lie down on the sofa, you’re still trying it on. You’re still thinking it over. So why don’t I believe you? How did we let this get this far? You’re dimming the lights. You’re drawings the curtains. Will this happen tonight? You seem so certain, so why don’t I believe you? You put my hand on your chest just to feel your heart. I see your eyes digress, is this how we start? And I’m dying to believe you. I don’t believe you. How did we let this get this far and why did you say those words that I knew you never meant, because I took them all to heart and this just made less sense. I’m dying to just leave here.
Girl, girl, you know you shouldn’t be here, you could say no and make it so much easier. You spoke to me when I was all on my own, would it be wrong if I didn’t go along with it? Boy, boy is this, what it comes to? Don’t play around like you know you didn’t want it to, you knew her friend was on her way to meet me.
I’m dying to just leave here.
Can we leave it this time? Maybe just not tonight. Lets not and say we did, if could be all right but there’ll never believe us, no, I’d never believe us.