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The Noyelle Beat by Standard Fare

Released on Sunday, March 28th, 2010
More lyrics from The Noyelle BeatLove Doesn't Just Stop, Nuit Avec Une Ami, Philadelphia, Fifteen (Nothing Happened), Let's get back together, Secret little sweetheart, I know it's hard, Married, Edges and Corners, Dancing, Be In To Us, Wow,

Wrong Kind of Trouble Lyrics (by Standard Fare)

Sat in the kitchen with a friend, she's heartbroken. Faced with lies and betrayal, she wants to do it all again. I said 'is that the kind of trouble you want to get into?' She said 'no', she said 'sleeping with the enemy, sleeping with the hired help, seducing friends of the family, and flirting with anyone else. Oh that's the kind of trouble I want to get into'. I said 'oh, do you really want to go down that road?' She said 'I don't know'. 'Sure beats sitting in the pick-up at night, crying your eyes out'. Yeah.