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No Rules, Only Guidelines by State of Emergency

Released on Tuesday, December 31st, 2002
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New Mission Lyrics (by State of Emergency)

Ambition, competition.
Got some place to go, a new mission.
Fuck tradition, my condition-
no more feeling, repetition.

Confession humble, like to tell you straight what I've been feelin'.
You feel so too at least you say that thought somewhat appealing.
So I lay low and take it slow to see just what the deal is.
(SAVE ME!) So I take time.
But would you lie?

Day in, day out.
Thought in, none out.
Pinin', reelin',
thinkin', feelin'.
Somethin', no doubt.
Silence, i can't shout.
Hopin', dreamin'.
But what are you feelin'?

(I'm fallin' faster)
(I'm crashin' harder)

Now spoken loud to let you know, but stuck on tongue I'm chokin'.
I'm finally out with it, but now I find you only jokin'.
I opened up and took a chance on you, my feelings broken.
(SAVE ME!) Don't waste my time!
Don't try to try!

My heart is on the street like broken glass, the blood is flowin'.
I once had thought of nothing else but you, my mind set knowin'.
But then you blew me off, I'm walkin' off and I'll continue goin'.
No more lost time.

Not one more try.
Don't ask me why.
Don't even sigh.
Don't fuckin' lie.
Just fuck off!

Don't fuckin' lie!

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