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Not In Our Name by State of Emergency

Released on Monday, August 14th, 2006
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Velocity Downward Lyrics (by State of Emergency)

If I / if you / if we / were true / were true---

would go now would you make the fucking time?
would try now would you make up fucking lies?
You played me like a total fool would you make it twice? What would you do?

I never blew it all,
I never fucked it up,
but you do all the time.
I thought that you were mine.

I never broke your goddamn rules.
You made ‘em up for us to use,
but all you use them for is to abuse.
What would you do?

I thought you’d always understand,
the way you always held my hand.
Behind my back I never saw the clues.
What did you do?

You never said something was wrong.
I should have known it all along,
but what you did- there’s no excuse.
What should I do?

What would you do with me?
Rather what did you do with them?
You leave me with a choice
of what to do with you.

Might not have been there all the time.
Might not have answered all your cries.
My attention’s not perfection,
but I can’t see through shrouded eyes.

You danced around the problem when
I asked if you were happy then.
You can’t rekindle that which isn’t new
What should I do?

If I / If you / If we / were true ---
But I can’t / and you’re not / and we aren’t / This might be it---
What should I do?!

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