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Sacrifice by Substantial

Released on Monday, January 7th, 2008
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4DozDatDonKno Lyrics (by Substantial)

You can rot in hell Hip-hop’s alive and well
At least that’s the word that I’ve heard from over thousands of my clientele
I excel very far beyond just rhyming well
Labels no I don’t wear a sign saying I’m for sale
Devils aren’t built for this watch the God fire hell
A path of bodies leading to my thrown for those that tried and failed
You’re softer than Cottonelle belong in a garbage pale
Throwing stones at French women’s the only way you’ll rock the bells
You ain’t good at nothing else so you gotta sale
But you ain’t good at this either far as I can tell
Give it up like prom night I bomb mics
Still stay cooler than Snoop in Antarctica eating Klondike
On any given calm night I will reek havoc
And make your top 5 MC’s look like weak rappers
10 year vets sounding like they need practice
Take’em to school and you know I really teach classes

And I’ll show you why everything I touch is critically acclaim
Feeble spitter reconsider before dissing me again
I stay mentally advance though we’re physically the same
So a battle’s pointless not to mention literally insane
When it came to moving units I sold a fraction of most
But on the great paper chase you know who captured the most (Me)
Mostly because I paid attention in math class
And I won’t let a record label pimp my black ass
Scratch that I mean it’s down right embarrassing
Quality music now a days is a rarity
That’s all I want to make until the day they bury me
Rather be a great artist than a celebrity
Sounds weird but good like PB and celery
Am I less real because I never got a felony
My goal isn’t to rest in the hills of Beverly
But make these hell like hoods a little more heavenly

Yeah I’m known to get it live and still work a 9 to 5
But you never take a job that don’t benefit your company
Pimp those bastards till their asses had enough of me
Laughing in their faces while they’re thinking that they’re fucking me
Luckily it’s temporary because I’m a visionary
Getting paid for using slang you can’t find in the dictionary
Bama asses take that to your grammar classes
Spitting diction that you couldn’t envision with MC Hammers glasses
Meanwhile this jam surpasses any and all preconceptions
And you thought it wouldn’t happen like Bush’s re-elections
Genius 4 more years of him and the penis
Won’t break the focus of most of the cats that I’m teamed with
So in this selfish game we remain self-contained
Rest of yall getting shaft bet’cha ass in hella pain
Get a brain pathetic lame I’m something you’ll never tame
Substantial’s the effin name and it’s time to let reign forever!