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Sacrifice by Substantial

Released on Monday, January 7th, 2008
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Chain Reaction Lyrics (by Substantial)

Jump, Move, Kick, Scream
Wild out, Get mean
Break, Smash, Have fun
Chain Re-ac-tion

(It’s Showtime) strap yourself in
Once the rapping begin you can start packing in
(I’m a goldmine) watch him drop gems
Got them rocking, popping, locking
(Closed minds) I open them wide
The quotes that I write have you hoping I died
Got you open tonight lets go for a ride
(Sky high) from the dope I provide
(Why try) that would really be silly duke
Can’t you see that they clearly ain’t feeling you
Lyrically leaving crews visibly miserable
(He’s too invincible) these dudes are pitiful
Giving you heat since Invisible man
And to this union you know who I am
All Nighter (raw writer)
Pyro rhyme flow (more fire)!!!


…Are you making the face yet?
Dropped in 1st round go get his replacement
(Album’s finally here you’ve been patient)
Though you wanted it so bad you can taste it
Took my time with it the vision was beautiful
Couldn’t just hit it as business as usual
Something exquisite so it’s just more musical
Sad this caliber of hip-hop is new to you
(Who is you?) Substantial the merciless
One of the nicest they don’t mean I courteous
Don’t get beat down ‘til you’re bluish and purplish
Doubting my skill ‘cause you never heard of this
(Purposeless hate) You’re truly wor-th-less
Only crew you got’s emergency services
Murdered it Berkowitz style (The Summer of Stan)
Now give it up for your man


If it moves you
Why not move two
Better yet three
Or four get me

I’m from the place where music was cranking before it was crunk
Life is an elevator Joe live it up
(U.V. is here) ‘til you’re sick of us
On some Neosporin shit (we in the cut)
‘Til we peel like a scab! Rappers
Like strippers revealing their ass!
That’s only surface but what’s with your inner beginner
Remember to spit from your soul
Spit something cold as Cube in his prime
Why would I sell out I’m doing just fine
Perusing no crime doing no time
Donnan Links gave me a tune that’s sublime
(So hate on!) But you know what your momma think
You sensitive sounding real soft and pink
‘Cause I stole the show before you blinked
Plus wifey’s a fan you saw her wink