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Sacrifice by Substantial

Released on Monday, January 7th, 2008
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Hood Hope ft. Steph & rnb/Sacrifice ft. DJ Kool Herc) Lyrics (by Substantial)


Verse 1
I’ve seen many things over the years even shared many
Dreams with fam, friends and peers and it seems that
Life is hardly ever fair making clean living
Nearly impossible and rare. When I was younger
And that hunger for more came to the door
Knocks sounding like shots wasn’t sure what it fucked with me for
Now I know it was the push I needed
I wish everybody from my hood received it
I gotta be their light that shines minus the strife and crime
And keep our struggle in mind when I write these rhymes
‘Cause them dudes in my hood didn’t back me for nothing
For me to move to Brooklyn just to catch me there fronting
I’m gonna represent until they bury me in Harmony
Cemetery where I will lay to rest with my pop and niece
Properly! So when I’m gone a good quote
To describe what I represented is hood hope

HOOK [Steph & rnb]
I give hope to
Folks just like you
And yours so watch me
Nothing can stop me

Pardon the way I come at yall but my boy once said
That if it wasn’t for the devil wouldn’t have no fun at all
I knew I had to stall so I could see what I was facing
And now this older man can overstand his situation
Forced to work with nothing so I’m naturally creative
And joe I’m not surprised when they’re mad to see I’ve made it
But what do you expect I was forced to adapt
And not every single one of us is caught in the trap
Like me… I chose to keep my hustle unique
Getting money for my art wasn’t nothing to me
In case you’re wondering what’s that have to do with this song
Basically I made a living out of proving them wrong
They said I wouldn’t be shit now they’re hearing me spit
Pops said I couldn’t draw but he wasn’t right at all was he?
Look what I’ve done with the little I’ve worked with
Far from perfect but the struggle was all worth it


We fighting AIDS, liquor stores, crack addicted whores
Absentee fathers, nicotine, bottles
Of Hennessey, self hate and racism
Crack cocaine and all sorts of laced izm
Poverty even crooked ass police
A shady government and did I mention no peace
Illiteracy, war, gentrification
And on top that constant humiliation
Just to name a few but you can’t buckle or crumble
Though it’s hella difficult overcoming our struggles
But I’m living proof that it can be done
And I’m still battling until victory’s won I’m as real
As you and your issues are no different from mine
Except I’ve found a forum where folks can listen to mine
So when I’m spitting these rhymes motivate is what I try to do
‘Til the day I rest I do my best to inspire you


Nothing can stop me
Nothing can stop me
Nothing can stop me
Nothing can stop me

Nothing can stop me now


Give It Up, Let it Go
Keep it Moving, Move On

I need a shower haven’t slept in 30 hours
And before I hit save my computer losses power
But I’ll do it over just to get a step closer
To my dreams and get this boulder size chip off my shoulders
I’m getting older trying to make it for my time pass
Wishing I could stick a cork in that hour glass
Jeopardizing my health to make my dollars stack
Silently fronting while I’m wishing they would holla back
I’m saying all of that better yet all of this
Because you don’t make these kind of sacrifices just to quit
So I welcome pressure like I can’t get enough of it
Grit on all my doubters then I tell them all to suck a Dick
Cheaney… now we’ve moved to the Bush
Commutes a little farther but there’s music to push
Life’s a little harder but you use it or shush
No time for excuses, cause this dude isn’t pus!
A survivor, dodged 2 shots one point blank
Basically I’m everything that you toy’s ain’t
A man does everything that a boy can’t
That’s the way it’s been since the tender age of 10
When I took my pop’s seat at the head of the table
Still sitting there just as head of my label
Stayed strong for others when I barely was stable
Found my true self getting buried in fables
I sacrificed being hard for peace
Though I know they both are apart of me
That’s what I tell the seeds when they talk to me
Get my point across like crucifixes and archery
Too long I’ve been selfless time to be selfish
Collect my respect for the dues I’ve paid
And revaluate all the moves I’ve made
Questioning what’s inside like its Tupac grave


Nothing in this life come easy ‘cept God given talent
So when these hard times got a brother feeling violent
I think about the sacrifices made
That help me reach the point where I’m standing at today