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Sacrifice by Substantial

Released on Monday, January 7th, 2008
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It's You (I Think)/Go-Wait (Interlude) Lyrics (by Substantial)

Not much of a thug, first to admit I’m a sucker for love
My life is living proof that love is a drug
A teenage love… It happened over summer vacation
She used to call me Slim, she was something amazing
But I was two years younger in age then
Yeah, she wasn’t that old true
But I lied like most dudes
And leave it to your sis to come out and expose you
But she didn’t mind… ‘cus I was deep in her mind and heart
Likewise, sex I’m eagerly tryna start!
Tight thighs I was fiending to pry and part
Now she’s crying “Stop”, ‘cus she’s a former rape vic’
Said I could have her but I had to get her pregnant
Though I wanted sweetie badly
I wasn’t ready to be a daddy in a long distance relationship
So now I reminisce of Stevie Wonder’s
Song called I Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer

Damn… Damn….. Damn!! I know it’s you
That’s how I felt in the beginning love
Guess I was wrong, ‘cus look at how we ended up

Damn!! I know it’s you!
But maybe that’s how love go?
Tell me if I’m wrong baby I don’t know

(It’s like) we… Love to live and live to love
Oh how… tough it is to give it up
When there’s… enough to get, can’t get enough
And when it gets rough, you ask yourself, “Is this love?”

I got my swagger back (hey!) After a long stretch
And mustered up the courage to step to this songstress
Beautiful youngin I had met in the chorus
And we connected while we were on the tour bus
Yo, she taught me ‘bout trust and religion
Next thing you know, love started flooding my vision
I know it sound flaky, but I cherished her greatly
When life tried to break me, her whole family embraced me
And I had been to more funerals than graduations
A bit unusual, but far from an exageration
But death was something that was still new to her
I had no idea what it would do to her (Nope)
The losses that she suffered, forever changed how we interacted
Seems like our magic had flipped and turned tragic
So, “End it while we’re still friends” is what I suggested
And she replied “I was hoping that you would get the message”



I moved on from songstress to cheerleader
Older, wiser, and my gears cleaner
Cuts my baby locks now her family speaks to me
Got closer though we didn’t hang out frequently
Stole my heart like she mastered thievery
Words can’t describe what this girl means to me
Or meant to me, it feels like centuries ago
Of course yo we broke up, eventually, you know
Easy come… hey you know how the cliché ends
I even told her that we’d be friends, think again
I know I hurt this aspiring actress
Probably uses my pics for firing practice
Then outta spite, she fucked the man that I’m closest to
At that very moment, I was officially over you
Damn heart, just do what you s’posed to do!
Guess I was wrong when I said that I know it’s you