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Sacrifice by Substantial

Released on Monday, January 7th, 2008
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Let It Go Lyrics (by Substantial)

I can’t hold back I gotta let it go
Held on for too long I gotta let it go
If I don’t find my way then I’ll never know
Who I am truly let the beat move me

Then I’ll go where it takes me
Releasing all the shit I’ve been holding in lately
At this rate see fam it’s bound to break me
Mess around and give new meaning to crazy
And lately I’ve been dwelling on this fact
Discovering new ways to keep my sanity in tact
I can’t get back to carefree living
Rent’s thirteen plus a month where we’re living
So kids right now is a scary vision
With my income support I’ll barely give them
Afraid at times but strength’s rarely missing
I crave to shine although every prison’s
A bit over-crowed they’ll make an exception
For a brother my size about my complexion
Hell no Cuz that’s out of the question
Though I’m often stressed and I fight with depression
I realized life is a lesson I don’t always
Like where I’m heading so I write with aggression
Hard to be polite when you’re stressing
Not a thing’s P.C. about my a-alikes and my brethren
Made the mic our weapon found peace on loose leaf
Classics manufactured on no more than two sheets
I black out on bright white for you chief
And rap ‘bout how this trife life is too deep
It’s an ancient epic not a news brief
Same shit under the sun just a new thief
Man I gotta get it together handle my business
Maybe if I handled it better they couldn’t steal this
God given talent that I’ve taken for granted
Still no call backs labels making me panic
All the while black trying to chase this and manage
A relationship avoiding heartache and damage
To my soul damn it does a number to my spirit
So I cry out in pain knowing someone will hear it
If I don’t dumb down will they run from my lyrics
My fear is some will shun the things I hold dearest
So hear this from now on letting it all go
Like there’s no tomorrow ‘fore I drown in a bottle
Of top shelf liq’ with a twist of my sorrow
If I finish it all yo we’ll both be hollow
Life is what you make it is the motto I follow
Hard to slow your roll when you’ve been living full throttle
Trying to make my dreams manifest but it’s hard though
Feel like I got a better chance at hitting the lotto
See the blood sweat and tears staining my cargos
From slaying fans waving hands screaming out bravo
And encore like Jay - 26th letter
Glad you think I’m dope but I’m trying to get better
Some think I’m barely scratching the surface
And I’ve probably held back in over half of the verses
I’ve ever written and I probably shouldn’t spit’em
‘Cause that’s about as pointless as watered down venom
You should feel it in your heart and veins when it’s in them
But it seems it’s barely felt when the aim was to kill them so I…


I’ll go where it takes me, take me home Burns
I’ll go where it takes me, take me home
I’ll go where it takes me, take me home God
I’ll go where it takes me, take me home
I’ll go where it takes me, take me home Lord
I’ll go where it takes me, take me home
Take, take me home, Take, take me home
Take, take me home, Take, take me home… Let It Go.