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Sacrifice by Substantial

Released on Monday, January 7th, 2008
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My Favorite Things ft. Steph Lyrics (by Substantial)

HOOK [Steph]
MCs kick rhymes to beats or acapella
Graf artists tagging year round through all weather
Our culture’s evolving what next will it bring
Hip-hop is one of my favorite things
DJ’s b-boys and b-girls are so clever
They called it a fad but we’re hip-hop forever
We love our culture to it we shall cling
Hip-hop is one of my favorite things

Hip-Hop culture a way of life that’s preyed on by vultures
To fatten up their pockets some really thought they’d stop it
And called it a fad all to the bad when you dissing they’re way of life
Son is a trip button your lip peep what I say tonight
See it started in the South Bronx but this brother here’s from Maryland
Home of Mambo sauce and emcees who be shining like sterling
That’s a whole ‘nother song moving along back to the subject
H-I-P to the H-O-P man I love it
It consist of four elements some say five or more
If you didn’t know that until now what the hell you rhyming for
There’s breaking & rhyming, deejaying & graf
I add on beatboxing because I practice that craft
Like (beatbox) it’s crucial
When you ain’t got a beat in the cipher it’s quite useful
Then there was breaking see I stopped that quite early
Didn’t like the idea that some dance moves could hurt me
But still find popping and locking to be mad nice
Just now all my energy is used only to grab mics
And rock rock on to the dawn of early morning
Still do graffiti just took my moms warning
And kept it on the paper to avoid central booking
But to hell with jail I was more scared of butt whuppings
Now I’m a grown man with hip-hop still way up in me
And I’ll love it for life even if I never see one penny

See an ignorant man made a statement that’s so wrong
When he said rap music is an oxymoron
True most of us don’t sing some curse when they’re rapping
Some of us use sample and others utilize scratching
But it’s still all music stop judging and listen
Some of the joints you don’t like were the best songs ever written
No genre that was conjured has accomplished what rap has
Filled with brilliant poets who you thought just rap fast
And that’s sad, only heard when using curse words
Racial slurs and calling women out of their name
And they claim that our graffiti isn’t real art
Like they rule the art world please tell me when did this start
See art is opinion only techniques have guidelines
Smarter than what yall think and I haven’t even reached my prime
Don’t try to diss breaking see I find that quite funny
I peeped yall in time square giving breakers yall money
‘Cause you know you love it from our clothes to our lingo
That’s why most trends start with us blacks and latinos
Don’t take that as a diss ‘cause I’m telling you that it’s not
All kinds of people have contributed to hip-hop
Making my culture more beautiful than it’s ever been
Hip-hop heads worldwide from Japanese to Mexican
Taking me places I’ve never been, peace to the veterans
Swear on my life it will never end


BRIDGE [Steph]
Whether I rock mics in the spotlight
Or remain underground
Hip-hop will still be my favorite thing
As long as the earth’s still round