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Sacrifice by Substantial

Released on Monday, January 7th, 2008
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Resurrection of the House Party Lyrics (by Substantial)

Yo Navi, it’s my birthday
I should party for my birthday
Have a house party for birthday
Dog I’m serious… it’s really my birthday
But I ain’t trying to hit up the club tonight
And I shouldn’t have to pay to get buzzed tonight
Plenty liq at the crib so I fittin’ to get
On the horn and have something sick where I live
Move all the furniture in the back room
Put a sign up that says don’t shit in my bathroom
Hide anything that looks expensive
Shower so the body odor isn’t offensive
Draped in Up & Up and a blazer by Concep
And other fresh shit that you haven’t got on yet
Gon’ get my neighbors real heated with this one
House party of the year this that shit sun!

This is for my people that’s sick of the club
If you miss house party’s then give me some love and say…
Oh la oh la eh! (Ladies)
(Oh la oh la eh!)

No sausage parties you know what we need bruh
So I call ladies 1st like Latifah
Speaking of which grab some old school hip-hop
& classic soul to guarantee your shits hot
Like MJ I wanna be starting something
Grab reggae to get the party jumping
Oh and I better not forget the slow jams
For when we get close and I don’t mean hold hands
Oh damn! Too late to get a DJ
Normally I’d call DP with no delay
Or Kool Herc ‘cause that’s my people
He started this shit so there’s no equal
Don’t wanna bother so I do it myself
‘Cause back in the day I use to do this myself
Use to hustle mixtapes ‘fore the raps was fire
But never mind gotta cop the appetizers


Bring only fam here with you
All love here leave your pistol
Bring chips and liquor with you
Just don’t break my momma’s crystal
U act like you don’t party
Relax and move your body
Fam it’s a celebration
Feels like constant elevation

At a house party is where you can find me
Everything’s peace no fools that’s grimy
No pat downs from a dude named Tiny
Drinks are free and the food is fine B
(HEY!) Watch all the people jumping
Like the dance floor is a trampoline or something
Wifey grinding on me while the beat is pumping
Fronting like “I’m no freak or nothing”
We’ll see about that when these negros go home
Did I just hear something break love hold on
As much as I hate to be a party pooper
Break my shit are you stupid (Bounce!)
But that’s just the price you pay
For letting all these party people in your house today
While the neighbors complain ‘cause it sounds like a riot
And that’s why their punk ass wasn’t invited