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Sacrifice by Substantial

Released on Monday, January 7th, 2008
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Spaticus (Spit 4 Spat) Lyrics (by Substantial)

Your hock-loogie do not move me
Gangster rapper got rich got boushie
Me, known to burn more rappers than hot groupies
And I leave the toughest motherfucker stomp gooey
Spitacular! The wrong MC to spit after ya
Change your stage name to when did he rock
Not the stage manager but they’re giving me props
And your wife’s code name for me is isn’t he hot
Not surprised there’s mad dummies on the idiot box
Only dude from the hood with a buzz who didn’t get shot
Give me the rock Saint Nick Van Exel shoot gift
The more I hear the wacker you get
With Sean’s pen I’m dumb nicer than I am Sam
Overseas looking for fly shit to buy my fam
Slain by my hand if you continue to rhyme pink
A card carrying member of Fuck You Die Inc.

We can go tit for tat or go spit for spat
Once I get the track you know it’s a wrap
I won’t give it back my flows mix and match
I’m so sick with that don’t you agree?!?!

Heaven help me I’m hella nasty
It’s like breathalyzers verses alkies you’ll never pass me
When the beat is sick though I spit in my sleep
Like Beatrix Kiddo believe he’s this dope
Flames and fire that may retire
Your decoy and destroy the lames you hired
No hope 4 real you ain’t got Jack shit
Like you stole from Jill I pull cards
You know the deal so fresh so clean
Like Kosher meals or spokes on villes
And I’m known to kill grim reap on them beats
Cereal spitter in stereo killer been iller
Record at your local hospital
1st MC that’s sponsored by Scott Tissue
The shit I am thoughts travel faster than Shinkansen
Freestyle’s decent but I’m great with pens


Stantastic credits read Substantial
Those who oppose are clearly insufficient
My foes flows aren’t nearly as consistent
Repel frail shit I’m clearly wack resistant
Should’ve left that there in the old rap vault
I palm scalps now hold that thought
Now you’re in store for assault
Told you I rhyme better so who’s at fault
Sign at the door reads if you value your life
Don’t be a jackass and try to battle tonight
Bite my rhymes bite the curb
Anything other than “Substantial’s nice” is fighting words
I’m quite disturbed by your presence alone
Must be on the same drugs that the presidents on
Plus I’ve seen you walking ‘round with the jaws of life
She be swallowing the future and you call her wife!