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Sacrifice by Substantial

Released on Monday, January 7th, 2008
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That Damn Good Lyrics (by Substantial)

Some sad shit even your adlibs was bad kid
No way in hell you gon’ pack loot like Madlib
Damn your crew abandoned you like dad did
Did I do that shit? I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
It’s your friendly neighborhood “Fuck You I Rhyme Better” Man
Bound to make more top ten list than David Letterman
Meanwhile in a hot church you couldn’t get a fan
Me lose? Never man I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
We got fly women at the showcase
While that chick on your arm’s better off with no face
Not even top 3 you’re luck to see forth place
I stay doing tour dates. I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
And Stan could slap you out your SouthPole
Keep it up and get your mouth stole ‘til you’re out cold
Damn right I’m trying to make the name household
Never will I fold. I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!

Shorty came in here with you.
All on mine should be clinging to you
But I really don’t mind it don’t seem that she do either
Could be that I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
Or son it’s the swagger
And that I lay pipe like a damn plumbing master
If she ran away from you, I’m who she’s running
’Cause this bastard is THAT DAMN GOOD!
And she can bare witness to that
Knew from how she stared at the kid when he rapped
Gone for 5 minutes and she missing a cat
Guess she getting attached ‘cause I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
Or maybe your sticking is lame
And that’s the real reason that you’re missing a dame
Now you’re home jacking off ‘til your dick is in pain
All ‘cause I’m spitting flames as I THAT DAMN GOOD!

I know the shit isn’t fair
’Cause you can’t see me like the vision impaired
And I rip and I tear thru the kick and the snare
Like the biggest of bears ‘cause I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
This grizzly gets busy!
While you all handle balls like Doug Christie
You’s a Sac King. Mute your yapping
When I do the damn thing ‘cause I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
Yo… I’m a renaissance man
If they ever broke the mold probably did it on Stan
If you plan to go to war, keep spitters on standby
Can’t lie man I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
On some full blown AIDS shit not to be played with
Competition love it so much they have to hate it
Frustrated, like handless thieves they can’t take it
Real skills you can’t fake it I am THAT DAMN GOOD!