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Sacrifice by Substantial

Released on Monday, January 7th, 2008
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U Can Get It/This Instrument (Interlude) Lyrics (by Substantial)

God Damn ya! Body’s calling
Only right that I answer, and I’m fluent in body language
So speak to me, So I can have you reaching peaks
Frequently as you feel you need to be
‘Cause you freaking me, is as necessary
As a brother breathing see the hottest February,
In east coast history. I see you giving me the eye
Magic stick wizardry it’s like I live between your thighs
With this powerful staff like Gandolph
Got your wrists pinned down me got this hands off
Me run tings for now baby wait your turn
I’ll school an apt pupil love watch and learn.
Headed south of the border turn you out turn you over
Put my mouth and it on ya’ yo somebody should’ve told ya’
‘Cause now ya’ know the reason for the way I behave
This explains why I have to shave every three days I’m so nasty!!!

Come test me now, you’re so sexy gal
You can get it, get it, get it
This is risky biz so lets get down, Me don’t mess around
You’ll get it, get it, get it!

This here ain’t nothing to laugh at
‘Cause it hurt so good like getting your ass smacked
More than hair get pulled when I do the damn thing
So physical I damn near pulled a hamstring
For what I’m planning you’ll need a physical trainer
And it’s a bad thing to use the term no-brainer
Girl take it and love it like a thief in the night
Hope you didn’t plan on sleeping tonight
What I’m seeing I like, it’s looking like something
That I need in my life you better stop fronting
Got me fiending just like a junky got me lunchin’
‘Cause them jeans hella tight the way they compliment your onion
Now my eye’s getting misty plus you got this look
Like you’re dying to hit me off don’t be shook
Round 2 (ding) I heard you talking ‘bout you’re tired
Gave your inner thighs hickeys now that got you inspired
And re-energized quickly can you ride with me
Saddle up gal I get it nice and sticky
Bedroom rodeo wanna see them things
You were promising to show me though, girl I’m here to work
Please observe my portfolio!


1) I know it sound brutal, but I’m only being truthful
2) When I say that you can get it get it
3) So if you’re down to go at it I’ll be glad to let you have it
4) You can get it get it

In the worse way, standing up in a hammock
In the back of Yugo ‘til we both can’t stand it
I’ll smash ya in the middle of Alaska
Even give it to you in a natural disaster
The real thigh master keeps them hips working
To ensure that your orgasm is certain
And I’ll put a hurting on your pretty little kitty
So you miss me when I’m gone like Sex in the City
And I’m sorry if it’s throbbing and it feel kinda tender
But baby that’s the way I leave you something to remember
And I promise I won’t miss a millimeter on your body
You can’t get this kinda work out with Pilates or Taebo
I know you’re conscious of the figure that you’re packing
Don’t lose all that goodness dieting with Atkin’s
‘Cause a brother like me need something to hold on
Keep a steady pace so the marathon’s prolonged
So make the face when I take a taste
You look great in lace but better in nada
The veteran rocker of aqua mattress
Beyond off the hook it’s off the atlas
Take all your baddest behavior’s bring those
Leave your bra and thong behind because you won’t need those
‘Cause I can’t promise they won’t get tarnished
Hot sex on a platter minus the garnish (OH!)

You’re so sexy gal, Come test me now
You can get it get it get it
This is risky biz so let’s get down I don’t mess around
You can get it got it good!