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Samaroid Dioramas by Sunpocrisy

Released on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
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Dioramas Lyrics (by Sunpocrisy)


Flying over waves I'm inspiring smells of freedom. Lights of the day shine on the crest of the water. I believe that falling will be the perfect way to purify my essence from the sorrow
Left the sky behind, diving inside to abstract. My senses amplified, I'm one with the mind, without trace of mankind
But I'm divine. Elevated from this life...
But now deepness is mine, I'm one with the tide, without trace of mankind...

I close my eyes and everything seems clear
Sun was the father who told me to fly over clouds and tides. The Moon, the Mother was the keeper of my night...
And now I'm at the end, alone in thousands lands: Samaroid Dioramas...

He is swallowed up in the Great Sea,
yet not a feather was wetted at all
Annihilation of human senses
Hallucinations, this is what I see...
As dreams are imperfections of Truth,
the awaking from life will show thou the Unknown. In fact we ignore what has created us, we just adore what we create

We can't create nothing that is not divine We’re perfect

Take your fruit in the Orchard of Life...

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