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Samaroid Dioramas by Sunpocrisy

Released on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
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Samaroid Lyrics (by Sunpocrisy)


Her father was the rising Sun
The Moon was her dying mother
They were carried by wind, down into its belly. Laying down, drowned into the ground, feeded by nurse Earth
This is the keeper of all perfection and wonder. In the whole world is here, soul, now thou can see the seeds
(Perfect in power that reveals the light)
Floating to inseminate the
(Thou are a fire that became our Earth)
Fractal of Universe
Separate the Earth crust from the element that burns inward, something inside this Core. Reflect.
Inside all of these wonders there's a pattern applied in atom, human body, Gaea and infinite space.
Due to Golden Ratio, permeated everything. These seeds:
Ascend and descend from our Earth and Heaven and the Sky above us. All of this is near. And so the light between us

I'm feeling permeated about all the infinite beauty of the impending tragedy of our existence. Tied in a pattern that we can't break
The amuse concealed in this deep side of me will hide an infinite Love...An infinite Love for this will set me free

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