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Cry Till You Laugh by Terri Hendrix

Released on Monday, June 21st, 2010
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Automatic Lyrics (by Terri Hendrix)

The band at the St. Elmore just showed up for work
The place is on fire
I got it straight from the clerk
A tenor sax is burnin’
People pass out from the heat
Unidentified flying notes are heard above the street

But meanwhile in a Buick on the other side of town
Sits a party of one with the windows rolled down
Lost in the fog and can’t find a light
The radio’s wailin’ out into the night
The automatic democratic chromatic acrobatics of the blues

The man with the harp is tellin’ the news
A harmonic hurricane in a gone pair of shoes
You can catch him down on Vine Street from four until late
He don’t mind tellin’ it till he thinks you’ve got it straight

But meanwhile across town in a cold water flat
A man sits in the kitchen in a pork-pie hat
Plays his horn to the walls, there’s no one else around
His eyes light up, it’s the only sound in town
The automatic democratic chromatic acrobatics of the blues

Some people sing it and some people shout it
Some sit on TV and talk about it
Sometimes it’s so sweet and sometimes it stings
But it’s always more than all of these things

These old chair and these tables met before I was born
The curtain on the stage is all beat and torn
It looks like hell in the daylight but it’s heaven at night
It’s the sound in the air that makes it all right

A bar full of strangers on 11th and Grand
Quietly drink to the death of their plans
Times are tough now but they won’t be always
Things start lookin’ better when the juke box plays
The automatic democratic chromatic acrobatics of the blues

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