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Places in Between by Terri Hendrix

Released on Wednesday, May 31st, 2000
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Eagles Lyrics (by Terri Hendrix)

If you wanna fly with eagles son
You need to learn to live like one
Look at my life
Look how little I have done done done
If you wanna fly
With eagles son

I love you ’lil baby
But I’ve gotta let you go
You’ve taken and you’ve taken
Till you’ve stopped to grow
I’ll watch over you as you fly, fly, fly

But ‘lil baby I can’t be your sky

When you see that horizon

Believe in what lays beyond

When you feel
Nothin’ but confusion

The wind against you
Can be used to fly on

You gotta fly
Fly on

You can plan and plan or you can just do

You gotta dig in deep and find your groove

Sing to your rhythm mama
Sing to your pain pain pain

Let nobody take your voice away

I love you ’lil baby
But I’ve got to let you go

It hurts me
More than you will ever know

But eagles do
As they have done, done, done

When they wanna fly
With the eagles son

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