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Places in Between by Terri Hendrix

Released on Wednesday, May 31st, 2000
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Goodtime Van Lyrics (by Terri Hendrix)

Susan headed out in her Goodtimes Van
She took off to good times land
With no plans and a dog for company
Susan waved goodbye to me

I said Suz it's what you choose
You got to do what you got to do
There's gunna come a day that you're gunna reminisce
About the days you were better than this

4414 Desert View 78216
Who you are
Where you been
Are so much better than this
So much better than this yeah

In a good times van you're gonna go everyplace
I'll only dream of
You'll roll back the seat to make a bigger space
To sleep and wake and make a lil' love
Suz stay away from that vino
Keep yourself up with a cup of cappucino
Hit the road till it hits you back
And when it does cry till you laugh

You are better than runnin'
Better than hidin'
Better than decidin'
What you wanna do
Till it's too late

Fake it till you make it
Make it till you can
See the sunshine through
The darkness in a plan
You might bite your nails to the nubs
When you're wired to the tire
That the road rubs

Susan stay gone in your Goodtimes Van
You'll make it big
In your good times land
If I was younger
I'd do what you've done
But I have grown roots
Where I said there'd be none

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