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Cry Till You Laugh by Terri Hendrix

Released on Monday, June 21st, 2010
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Hand Me Down Blues Lyrics (by Terri Hendrix)

Where’d you get those
Hand me down blues
You gave’em to me
I gave‘em back to you

Now every time I see you
You’re layin’ around
Pullin’ you up
Is draggin’ me down
You’re draggin’ me down

How can things look up
If you’re starin’ at your shoes
Talkin’ ‘bout the future
Like it’s yesterday’s news

You close the blinds
To block the view
And pull another all-nighter
In your hand me down blues
Your hand me down blues

Some things you don’t get over
You just get through
Life happened to me
And it happened to you

Hear the church bells chime
Feel the pendulum swing
Get ready for whatever
The days gonna bring
Sometimes I shake
Sometimes I sing
With the hand me down
Hand me down blues

Where’d you get those
Hand me down blues
You gave‘em to me
I gave‘em back to you

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