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The Ring by Terri Hendrix

Released on Monday, May 31st, 2004
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The Ring Lyrics (by Terri Hendrix)

When we were kids

We’d lay awake at night

And listen to my mom and dad talk about money

When times were tight

My mom would raise her voice

My dad wouldn’t say a thing

He’d walk outside

Turn on his workshop light

And he’d work on a ring

My dad earned the Soldier’s Medal

And the Purple Heart in Vietnam

He learned how to make jewelry

To ease his mind on the ship back home

The war left him changed

He never said a thing
Every time he thought about it

He’d work on the ring

We watched him through the window

As he worked one afternoon

He held the silver half dollar in his hand

As he tapped the edges with a spoon

When I asked my dad if he was mad

He never said a thing

It seemed to ease his troubled mind

As he worked on the ring

For my mother

He made a ring

For my mother

He’d do most anything

A quiet man
with words unspoken

Proved his love could not be broken

Out of a half dollar

My father

Made my mom a ring

Every holiday

We gather round the table

As my dad prays

And when we close our eyes

Sometimes I think my dad cries

And those words left unspoken

I’ve come to understand

What’s kept our family together

Is worn on my mother’s hand

— “The Ring” (Terri Hendrix) from The Ring

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