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All Directions by The Donnis Trio

Released on Friday, January 19th, 2007
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Walk on in Lyrics (by The Donnis Trio)

well i caught her at a glance
at the friday club
in the circling colored lights
streaming from above
we were clockwork, but strangers still
holding back like fools
when there's fifteen open doors

walk on in, don't stay away
you got no reason to hesitate
walk on in, don't stay away
there's nothing here between us
but a little space

well i saw her to the street
where she was waiting for a ride
in the swirling winter storm
falling from the sky
we were answers, to questions still
holding back like fools
when the moment comes alive

some wait so long for a miracle to come
some wait so long in silly fears
but i can't believe

well i caught her at the second
she was turning away
my insides froze everything i had to say
overcome, overrun, overlaid with doubts
stop thinking, look at the smile on her face

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