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Get Real Gone with The Dozen Dimes! by the Dozen Dimes

Released on Monday, April 5th, 2010
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Dirty Shenanigans Lyrics (by the Dozen Dimes)

Don't mess with my baby, don't mess with my pack
We're happy and lazy lying on our backs
And all of these hours on this island feel like maybe
As a matter of fact
Life couldn't be finer
What do ya think about that?
Just playing it fast and loose and bulletproof, we are

That's why we don't get so hysterical when little things go wrong
Cause it's a minor miracle, a major halcyon
When every word I've ever said is true
And everything we do is cool
If these dirty shenanigans keep me close to you
What could go wrong?

Don't mess with these angels, they're watching my back
They're like an epoxy keeping things intact
A delicate language is the engine of our love