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Get Real Gone with The Dozen Dimes! by the Dozen Dimes

Released on Monday, April 5th, 2010
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Hey Paulina Lyrics (by the Dozen Dimes)

I'm a dirty little creep
I watch you when you wake, I know when you're asleep
I see you on the sidewalk, I know the combination to your bike lock
Baby don't get dizzy down on me
Just cause I wanna get to know you

Well, I think it's plain to see that I'm the guy for you
And you're the girl for me
I seen you in the food court and I've got a copy of your passport
Baby don't get dizzy down on me
Just cause I cruise the block and park across the street

Oh hey Paulina
I bet you're wondering how I know your name
I saw it written on your airbrushed tee shirt
Next to the barbeque stain

I'm sitting in a tree eye-level to your room
Just right across the street
I've got you in my cross-hairs, never ever need to worry I swear
Baby don't get dizzy down on me
I only wanna watch and try and sneak a peak

Girl I've got the key to your heart
And to your house