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When The Dust Settles by The Parlor Soldiers

Released on Thursday, December 8th, 2011
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Body in The Quarry Lyrics (by The Parlor Soldiers)

Well, Billy Prescott was a boy of some great renown
In our sleepy, small farming town
Yeah, his mama was good looking
And his daddy straight shooting
Seemed like the cottonwoods was calling his name

Well, I hear there's a body in the quarry
And I'm loaded and restless and high
You take Route 49 to where the river runs dry
Would you like to go see him tonight?

He smoked reefer and went swimming
And his body went missing
Yeah, the undertow was stronger than he
For fourteen days they was searching
Till all hope was broken
Yeah, his mama only wanted to see him again

Well, I hear there's a body in the quarry
And the liquor has hit me just right
Drinking Kentucky Red by the dry riverbed
And hope we see him tonight

Well, Mary Jo and me was driving
Like Carolina lightning
When I tried to get under her shirt
With whiskey burning our throats
We parked by the road
And made it down to the water's pale light

Well, I hear there's a body in that quarry
And there's a harvest moon out tonight
And if the stars are too bright we can shoot out the lights
And join him in the quarry tonight

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