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When The Dust Settles by The Parlor Soldiers

Released on Thursday, December 8th, 2011
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When The Dust Settles Lyrics (by The Parlor Soldiers)

When the dust settles, once the storm has stirred
The bricks from the home we'd built
See, flesh and bone was all you'd known
Till our stars got crossed, but still
When the dust settles I will find the nerve
To call you once again
When the dust settles, my friend

If I beat on our door, don't let me in
My sorrow and sobriety cannot last
Just leave your man, his head in his hands
Cold, dead flowers on the welcome mat
If I beat on our door, just let my shadow crawl
Like a ghost upon the steps
If I beat on our door, Elizabeth

But you were the first to rattle my cage
To let the bird inside escape
To kiss my skin, to do me in
With a long distance call from the Garden State
You were the first wild pony that ever I did ride
You were the first, my bride

When the dust settles, the other woman
I'll never breathe her name again
Or kiss her sailor's mouth, unbutton that blouse
That came undone at the Starlite Inn
When the dust settles, if it be your will
Like the wind I'll just blow along
And when the dust settles, hell I'll be gone

When the dust settles and all the stars
Have come dripping from the sky
Into your motel room with the ghost you knew
As you man lying by your side
When the dust settles, will you paint your door
With a desperate shade of blue?
When the dust settles, what will you do?

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