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LOYAL TO A FAULT by The Present Moment

Released on Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
More lyrics from LOYAL TO A FAULTThe Start, Cheap Thrills, REJECTION, The Distance Between Us, Alone, New Day, Intrigue, Loyal To A Fault-Vince Clarke Edit, Careful What You Wish For, Stealer,

Feast On Fire Lyrics (by The Present Moment)


Watch what you say and do

When your uptown

The rumour is that your high class

With a dirty mouth yeah

You like to feast on fire

Spin it

Feast on fire

Get burned if you click

Your backstab nature

With your surgical precision

I see you burned all your bridges down

With your 20/20 vision

You feast on fire

You dirty street witch

Feast on fire

Feast on fire

Get burned if you click!

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