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LOYAL TO A FAULT by The Present Moment

Released on Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
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Intrigue Lyrics (by The Present Moment)


I see you in every direction

Everywhere I go

There once was a time

When we were close

I wondered how life would have treated us

If we had never met

It seems that theres always time to forgive

Learn to let live

Try to forget

Could you try and forgive me?

Please try

With every silent reflection

On all those times we agreed

There's always a noise, thats surrounding me

No matter where I go after

No matter how blind I see

There's always a hint of intrigue

With you....

There's always a hint of intrigue

My heart's desire

Sometimes get's what it needs

There's no point in adding

Insult to injury

I hope you get what you want

I hope you find what you seek

Hidden inbetween the lines

There always lies human curiosity

With a little hint of intrigue

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