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LOYAL TO A FAULT by The Present Moment

Released on Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
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Stealer Lyrics (by The Present Moment)

Caressing the mouth of pain
Like a bruise this gift cries out for days
Beating the heart dont stop you
Running from a house on fire
Fool am I for your selfish desire
Beating the heart wont stop you to slowdown
You take my heart
You take my home, my love
You should think twice before you move
Caculating everything you do
But your like a note that's out of tune
I know you
So well
My feelings were for only you
But monogamy is just for fools
When no magic spells would work on you
I guess were done
For now
You take my heart you take my home, my love
Your taking everything I have, close to my heart

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