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A Heart Against Your Own by The Rational Academy

Released on Monday, December 31st, 2007
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2004 Lyrics (by The Rational Academy)

blessed in our union
our mutual unspoken demands
we're oceans apart forever after
always forever you hold on
inside of your heart
to memories of the past
that you can call on

let's go back 2004 if you recall
im standing with a girl i used to love
you held my hand
i spoke with her and i mentioned you
and you respond with songs about a band
that we used to adore
i don't listen to them anymore

keeping your time with The Rational Academy
who journaled you in songs that won't forget you

thinking back to when i met you
and you were friends with boys and girls in bands
that we used to support in two thousand and (four)
lets go back 2004
do your recall me standing with a girl you used to love
who lost her way
i dont talk about her anymore
(now you've got your new songs)

lets go back 2004
do you recall me singing in a band
you used to go to all our shows
i dont think about it anymore
(now you've got your new songs)

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