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Eat.Sleep.Drink. by The Teeth

Released on Thursday, March 17th, 2011
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Blastphemy Beat Lyrics (by The Teeth)

BLASTphemy Beats

Good evening lovely ladies and gentleman!
Your attention to the stage
We have a group that needs saved
You’ve got to see it to believe it!
I see the circus freaks
They’re record is on repeat, and they’re masking their intent
They’ve got the devil inside them
And the music’s got no soul!
The power of Christ compels you in droves
You think that you liberate but I think you’re on the prowl
The power of Christ gives you the gall
What gives you the impression that we needed saved at all?
When the words are in my head
It’s like a matchstick to a lamp
That I’ll burn until I’m dead
I’m only living for the feeling
And when I know your true intent
You fucking make me sick
In the name of the father, what have you done?
I smell a moneymaker on the edge of the devil’s tongue
In the name of the father, what have you done?
I’ve done my share of saving but you can’t save everyone
Forgive me father for I have sinned
But you bet your ass that this is my last confession
Give me the truth
At least I know I’m blessed
I really think it would be best
If the messenger was dead
I probably wouldn’t hate the message
A new gospel on my hands
Everybody say it
“We are the wicked put our hands around your neck
We’ve got the rhythm
Let the music make us dance until we’re dead.”
On the count of 3
I want the room to travel through me
1. 2. 3….