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Sins of Commission 2 by Tom Smith

Released on Saturday, March 14th, 2009
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Believe Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

The dragons all have gone away,
Well, that's what I've heard people say,
Or else they're all in hiding in
Their caverns underground.

For them, the years rushed on so fast,
They watched the whole world moving past,
And now there is no evidence
They ever were around.

But people once believed in them,
And knew that they were there.
They knew how dragons spread their wings
And floated on the air,
And how the people honored them,
The tribute they'd receive --
The dragons were so real to them,
How could they not believe?

The unicorns were never here,
Although it strikes me very queer
That everyone knows everything
About them just the same.

But all the lands where they might roam,
The forest glades they might call home,
Have long abandoned unicorns
In everything but name.

But people once believed in them,
And knew their hearts were pure.
They knew the magic of that horn,
The poisons it could cure,
And how they'd shine beneath the moon
Upon a summer's eve...
The unicorns were real to them,
How could they not believe?

We're living in the world we made,
So why are people so afraid
That fairy tales and fantasies
Might actually be true?

With brick and mortar, stone and steel,
We've kept ourselves from what we feel,
Forgetting feelings are as real
As anything we do.

The dragons all have gone away,
The unicorns no longer play,
Except along the edges of our
Memories and dreams.

But it doesn't matter where they went,
For everything they ever meant
Is living there inside us, not so
Distant as it seems.

So many things we care about,
So many things we know,
So many were impossible
Not so long ago.
So never stop believing in
The things you only feel.
You must believe in something
If you want to make it real.

No, never stop believing,
For beliefs are also true.
And all that's worth achieving
Must begin and end with you.
Your life is but the tapestry
Of all the threads you weave,
And it cannot unravel just as
Long as you believe.

For unicorns and dragons,
There's no need for you to grieve;
The dreams you dream can all come true,
As long as you remember to...

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