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Songs of The FuMP, Vol. 1 by Tom Smith

Released on Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
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CYA Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

It's ten o'clock on a Thursday
And the regular FuMP song ain't done
So they give me a ring, they know I'll have something
Finished by eleven fifty-one.

Rob Balder is silly, and wears great nerd glasses,
And Devo does techno-geek rap,
But me, I'm here to cover their asses
When the other guys run out of crap.

I've got a rep for fast songwork,
But the pressure sometimes is intense,
I write and I mix with some audio tricks
And I pray that the damn thing makes sense.

Luke Ski is ambitious, so many huge plans,
The Gothsicles have them as well
But me, I'm here to cover their cans
When everything goes all to hell.

Now Possible Oscar have talent,
Musicianship seeps from their pores,
But when in the schedule they're over their heads, they'll
Pound my metaphorical doors.

The Bards go on tour from Midsummer to Easter
And Raymond and Scum all year long,
But me, I'm here to cover their keisters
When instantly they need a song.

When Seamonkey's lost in the bushes
And Paul and Storm bust their balloons
Me, I'm here to cover their tushes
So Doctor Demento has tunes.

When Coulton is touring and MC Lars is
Too busy to throw stuff our way
Me, I'm here to cover their arses
Here I come to save the day.

When Carrie and Carla are both going nuts,
When Shoebox's keyboard just croaks,
Me, I'm here to cover their butts
And hopefully make up new jokes.

And now that I've shown you what brass is,
I think that we're at the last line,
It's really no problem to cover their asses,
Someday I'll ask them to do mine.

Buy track CYA directly from Tom Smith (via Bandcamp).