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iTom 1.0: And So It Begins by Tom Smith

Released on Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
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Destroyer of Worlds Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

No one knows from whence she came,
How she got here, what's her name,
All they know is the trail of dead
star systems in her wake.

Terrible and beautiful,
Implacable and dutiful to
All the worlds she fills with dread,
The lives she has to take.

It's a mystery why she must
wipe out the stars above,
But it don't matter to me, just
As long as we're in love!

My baby is the destroyer of worlds,
She's a very special girl,
The terror of the galaxy, and that's why she's the girl for me --
My baby is the destroyer of worlds.

Jack Kirby did her clothes design,
That hot magenta chrome's so fine.
Those big dramatic poses when she
Walks in through the door.

From other beings she stands apart,
But I was keen to win her heart.
She don't like chocolate or roses, but she
Sure loved Rigel Four.

Nothing sets her eyes aglow like
Leeching planets dry
And nothing means as much as knowing
I'm her lovin' guy.

My baby is the destroyer of worlds,
Just watch her sensor probes unfurl,
I love to see her smiling face when she devours an alien race --
My baby is the destroyer of worlds.

Some people think she's just a fable
She drank Galactus and Phoenix under the table
Some wonder why she keeps me around
It has to do with humans being maddening yet profound.

And so we roam the universe
'Cause it's her calling and her curse
Finding worlds that teem with life, and
Leaving cold debris.

And even though she must consume
Whole planets to avoid her doom,
I know someday she'll be my wife, and
She'll belong to me.

To her, I may be just a mote, but
Every once in awhile
As billions scream as from one throat, she'll
Flash our secret smile.

My baby is the destroyer of worlds,
And I'm so glad that she's my girl,
The scourge of all reality, she'll always be the girl for me --
My baby is the destroyer of worlds.

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