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The Last Hero On Earth by Tom Smith

Released on Thursday, May 25th, 2006
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Divided Royalties Lyrics (by Tom Smith)


Angela. --um, Alishaya. So.


We're getting married tomorrow.

It isn't -- I'm not...

It's... fine, Al. It's fine. You're a beautiful, wonderful woman, and I'll do my best, and I know I'll come to love you in time. It's just... hard, is all.


Everything I ever wanted was denied me by my birth,
Valued only for my bloodline, not allowed to prove my worth,
Never had the chance to choose my friends, never did things on my own...
I've always been so alone.

Though my people say they love me, I'm more ornament, or pet,
And the standards that I'm held to, well, they've not been broken yet,
I believe in truth and justice, but there's none that I command...
There's too much that I understand.

In there I'm celebrated, I'm the most beloved slave,
Objectified by everyone I see.
But you didn't know a bit of that, I was someone you could save.
You didn't see a princess, only me.

From across the mighty galaxy, my dreams have all come true,
But I'm not the only one with dreams, and a life that's gone askew.
I'm a million light years from your love, and I don't know what to do
How can I take back my whole life? How can I give up you?

Everything I ever wanted isn't what my people wanted --
I want freedom and adventure, romance and real friends,
But I'll try to make the best of it, and forget about the rest of it,
There's no use trying to pretend.
There's so many stars above, somewhere out there is my love...
I'm never going home again.

Al, I don't --

Shhh. We're not marrying. You're escaping. I'm going to get you back home.

Home...? But your mother said --

There is a way.

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