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Domino Death by Tom Smith

Released on Thursday, May 19th, 1994
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Heat of the Blood Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

She: I'm not really drunk, and I'm not really tired.
So why does my head feel so light?
He's given his heart to me,
I'm still unwrapping the bow.
Everything we've ever done has conspired
to bring us together tonight.
But do I really want this to happen?
I think so.

Both: There's a moment of fear as you're pulling me near,
but not of your everyday harms.
The chance that I take is that when I awake,
you'll be somewhere that's not in my arms.

He: No, don't open your eyes,
That would spoil the surprise,
And it doesn't take vision to see
You know in your heart, that all of your dreams
Are me.

He: The night's too dark, and the wind's too cool,
And a chill is on your skin.
You're looking for love, like every fool,
But you don't know where to begin.
Well, here in the darkness is where it lies,
And here in the dark you'll start.
Just open your mind, close your eyes,
And listen to the sound of your heart.

She: Don't tell me about the sound of a heart,
When you've never even heard your own.
Here in the dark is where you'll start
To bloody well leave me alone.
I don't want any thing you might be selling,
And my only coin is hate!

He: Well, you might not like all the tales I'm telling,
But you know I'm telling it straight.

You don't want a man who trusts you,
'Cause his woman is all that you'll be.
You don't want a man who needs you,
'Cause betrayal is all that he'll see.
You don't want a man who loves you,
'Cause your fires have got to burn free.
When you weed out the deadwood,
You start to learn,
There's a spark in your heart
That's starting to burn,
And the heat of the blood is rising.

She: Don't tell me about love and trust
'Cause you've never felt either one.
Your passion is only cloying lust
And your promises overdone.
Don't say anything,
'Cause I won't listen
No matter how sweet your voice.

He: Don't think, just feel,
Let the sound
Play off of your skin
With me you're more real than you
Ever might have been.
Let your fantasies
Ride the magic in my voice,

She: I don't want to like how
Your eyes can glisten --

He: And you don't have much of a choice!

Your mouth is dry as tinder,
And the spark starts catching flame
Your throat is raw as kindling,
And it lights up just the same.
Your breath is a fiery wind, dear,
That whispers the sound of my name.
And the fever's so high you can barely stand,
And the only relief is the touch of my hand,
And the heat of the blood is rising.

He: Your flesh is soft,
And your touch is sweet,
But it's got the wrong
Shape and tones.
By the light in your eyes
And the burning heat,
There's a dragon down
Deep in your bones.

She: No way.
No how.
Not here,
Not now,
Not fair,
Not true,
Not me,
Not YOU!

He: Your skin is moist and steaming,
And your collar's tight as a noose.
You know that you
Can't be dreaming,
But the knowledge
Has got no use.
And you know you're
Going to start screaming
If you don't let it
All run loose

She: So many times you've lied,
I've given up keeping score.
So little left of my pride,
I don't know what I keep it for.
So much building up inside,
I don't want to hold
Back any more

Both: And my (your) hand on your (my) skin
Is a flint on steel,
and the fire burning higher
Is all you (I) can feel,
And the heat of the blood is rising.

He: Your breath is a sweet inferno,
And your lips are cinnamon wine
You shed your clothes like a snakeskin,
And around each other we'll twine
And you won't stop writhing against me,
And I believe you'll be mine
Your body's burning like the surface of the sun,
And at last you're learning
Tonight I've won, and --

He: The heat of the blood is rising -- (x 8)
She: The heat of the blood is rising -- (x 7)

She: Don't tell me about the sound of a heart,
When you've never even heard your own.
You may know blood with a lover's art,
But you don't know flesh and bone.
You talk about passion and desire,
Like a star of its lost shine,
Well, together we build a raging fire,
But the rage is mine, all mine!

She: You don't want a woman --

He: No magic, no spell.

She: -- who trusts you,
'Cause she'll take what pain you devise.
You don't want a woman --

He: You've blown it to Hell.

She: -- who needs you,
'Cause she'll see through all
Of your lies.
You don't want a woman --

He: You should be a shell!

She: -- who loves you,
'Cause she'll look you square
In the eyes. Oh, your gaze so clear,
And your face so fair,
But when you look in the mirror,
there's nothing there,
And the heat of the
blood is rising!

He: I've had it with all your allusions,
To the way it's supposed to be.

Both: No more of your tricks or delusions,
It's come down to you and me
This has only been cuts and contusions,
Compared to the carnage you'll see,
At last I know what I've been fighting for,
And you better be ready, 'cause now it's war,
And the heat of the blood is rising.
And the heat of the blood is rising.
And the heat of the blood is rising.
And the heat of the blood is rising.

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