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iTom 1.0: And So It Begins by Tom Smith

Released on Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
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Lars Needs Women Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

Lars strong, Lars free,
Lars brave -- Lars ME,
Lars big, Lars tough,
But that not enough.
Lars lonely, want girl,
Lars search whole wide world,
Want blond, brunette,
Redhead -- Heck! Whole set.
Lars needs women.

When Lars young thing
Won war, Lars King
Lars think Lars win
But Lars' troubles begin
All day make law,
Balance budget, flap jaw
"Hem-Hem"s, "Tut-Tut"s,
It drive Lars NUTS,
Lars needs weekend.

One night, Lars sneak
Out gate, down creek
Look up at stars
Being king not Lars
So Lars leave throne,
Go off on Lars' own,
Crown jewels, took some --
Lars slow, not dumb.
Lars needs somethin'.
Might be women.

One day, Lars stroll,
See girl fight troll.
Troll huge, troll vile,
But girl just smile.
Strong arms, strong back,
Pull sword, took whack,
Troll down, girl hack,
Lars think, "Nice rack" --
Lars needs woman.

Lars say great strike!
Girl cute, Lars like,
Girl shy, girl coy,
Girl girl, Lars boy,
Lars get girl hitched,
Settle down, scratch itch,
Lars' heart girl tame --
Should learn girl's name,
Lars needs women,
Lars needs women,
Lars needs women!

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