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Sins of Commission 2 by Tom Smith

Released on Saturday, March 14th, 2009
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Master of the Multiverse Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

Young gods are born in ecstacy,
Somewhere in the heart of a star,
They'll stand and stretch and flex to see
Where their limits are.
For it's the job of gods to turn
The void into substance and light,
But even the oldest had to learn
How to do it right.

And he sips the morning coffee,
And he looks up at the skies,
And visions of a thousand worlds
Start dancing in his eyes,
Where the villians always do their worst,
But the hero always wins,
And the master of the multiverse begins.

The flights of wit and whimsy,
The flouting of the rules,
The young gods first make him see
They understand the tools.
They tell him of their grand designs,
They show what they will do,
Then he helps them find what's in their minds,
From atom to A.U.

And he takes up his blue pencil,
And he starts to leave his mark,
Some light and cold, some bright and bold,
Some twisted, vile and dark,
The realities he helps to nurse
Are more than what they were,
With the master of the multiverse to spur.

Some reinterpret legends,
Or tell tales of their Bards,
Some sing of War and Honor,
Some only of its shards.
Some will tell of wars in hell,
Or beyond the furthest stars,
He approves each name and he trues each aim
And he helps us make them ours.

Young gods must learn creation,
It's their purpose and their lore,
And their greatest education
Comes from one who's gone before.
Showing how to shape reality,
How to stand and not to fall.
And how the human heart can help us see
The gods within us all.

And he puts down his blue pencil,
And he says, "I've seen it through,
I did what I could to make things good,
Now I pass the torch to you,
Help the gods be honest with themselves,
And you'll always get their best"....

Now the master of the multiverse can rest.

Buy track Master of the Multiverse directly from Tom Smith (via Bandcamp).