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Sins of Commission 2 by Tom Smith

Released on Saturday, March 14th, 2009
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My Sun, My Moon Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

All my life, all alone,
That was how I'd feel,
Looking for something more,
Seeking what was real.

I was expected to
Just accept my fate,
Questions I'd asked denied,
But I would not wait.

Day and night brought no light,
None that I could see,
For my sun and my moon,
Hadn't yet found me.

You and I met at school,
Studying tales of yore.
But we both looked beyond a book,
Wanting something more.

Took a breath, took a chance,
And I spoke my mind,
So did you -- as we grew,
My heart was right behind.

Dark at night, dark at noon
Finally fell away,
For my sun and my moon,
Brought me night and day.

You can't possess me for I am my own,
I decide how I should live,
But for however long we have alone,
I give to you all I can give
You can't command me for my heart is free,
But for you I promise to fight,
Yours is the smile each morning I'll see,
Your name I'll cry out in the night.

Just like that, it was done,
And our lives were bound,
We were two, now we're one,
More than what we'd found.

Every hope, dream, and song,
Everything we've planned
All right where they belong
When I take your hand.

Morning can't come too soon,
Neither can the night,
You're my sun, you're my moon,
Burning strong and bright.

You're my words, you're my tune,
You're what makes things right,
You're my sun, you're my moon,
You are all my light.

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