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More Than FuMP: Songs of The FuMP, Vol. 2 by Tom Smith

Released on Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
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Rorschach Love Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

Saw a dog carcass in the alley this morning,
Tire tread on burst stomach...
Thought of you,
The sewers clot with blood from the corruption
And human filth, but I'm not...
Feeling blue.
Some people ask, "Who watches the Watchmen?"
Well, watching you was all I had to do
In your face I can see me -- well, psychologically,
Rorschach, I love you.

I never thought I'd find someone who understands so well
Just how cruel... life can be.
Who will drop the commie liberals down elevator shafts
With their heroin and child pornography.
The whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"
And you will whisper "No",
And that simple vicious thought gets me so darn frickin' hot,
Rorschach, I love you so.

You're a reflection of society,
All the passion that we can feel
How I love your sense of justice
And your trench-coated buns of steel.

They say they'll get you someday, you're a crazy outlaw mask,
But it's me... who's been caught.
They'll never understand, and I hope someday you'll ask
Me to score... your inkblot.
And even if we're facing Armageddon,
It doesn't matter what they do,
Atom bomb or giant squid, here's looking at you, kid,
Rorschach, I'll always love you.
I knew it from the start, you've grappling-gunned my heart,
Rorschach, I love you.

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