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The Last Hero On Earth by Tom Smith

Released on Thursday, May 25th, 2006
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Rules of Enragement Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

It worked! I'm back at Wimbledon,
I don't think they know I'm here,
They think all the heroes are dead and gone,
All we did was disappear.

Their genetic data was the key
To the robots' sneak attack.
But if I can reverse the polarity...
It might bring the heroes back!

That must be the machine that did it,
Oh, please, let this go off without a hitch,
Now, all I have to do is hit it --
Or, more specifically, hit that switch --


[reverse buildup energy noises]

You idiots!
What are you doing?

We did nothing, sir!

Well, watch for an attack!

Wait a moment...
It's reversed the polarity!
And that means, if we don't shut it down --

[lots of VOOPing noises as heroes reappear all around them]

We're ba-a-ack.

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