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Who Let Him In Here? by Tom Smith

Released on Saturday, January 19th, 1991
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Serial Killer Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

The Original Trilogy of Trilogies, or Ninety-Four Percent of Everything is Shit

Book 1: Everything turns to shit
Book 2: Everything is shit
Book 3: We install plumbing

Book 4: The toilet backs up
Book 5: The house overflows
Book 6: We save the house, but the plumber dies

Book 7: The plumbing explodes
Book 8: We resurrect the plumber
Book 9: We discover the true meaning of shit

The David Eddings Variations, or What Is This Shit?

Book 1: Everything turns to shit
Book 2: Everything is shit
Book 3: Everyone starts shoveling
Book 4: The shit dries around everyone's ankles
Book 5: We call in the plumber and a back-hoe

Book 6: The toilet backs up
Book 7: The house overflows
Book 8: The back-hoe's out of gas and the plumber's phone is in the shop
Book 9: We fill the tank and fix the phone
Book 10: The plumber saves the house, but is killed by the back-hoe

Book 11: The plumbing explodes, taking the back-hoe with it
Book 12: We search for a repairman, who must resurrect the plumber
Book 13: We discover the true meaning of shit
Book 14: We become one with the shit
Book 15: The shit is destroyed by sending the plumbing to a nether dimension, but from now on everyone is kind of uncomfortable

The Piers Anthony Variations, or Enough of This Shit

Book 1: Everything turns to candy-coated shit
Book 2: Candy-coated shit turns out to be intelligent and can talk
Books 3-Infinity: Sounds like candy-coated shit to me

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