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Sins of Commission by Tom Smith

Released on Thursday, March 16th, 2006
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Slow Dance Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

It was at Redondo High School, they met at a football game,
She was fourteen, he was fifteen, didn't know each other's name,
How can two young hearts already know that, even if they stray,
It won't be very long until they meet again someday?

And so they slow dance, with his arm around her waist,
Slow dance, this should not be done in haste,
When the music ends, they part as friends, but for now their song is done,
There are other partners waiting, and the dance has just begun.

The years went by so quickly, as the years will often do,
Till the moment seemed to come at last to make their dreams come true,
But the moment, it had slipped away, and then for twenty years,
They found themselves in separate lives, with families and careers.

And so the slow dance spins them 'round across the floor,
Slow dance, but they both want something more,
'Cause when what you feel is only real while Frank Sinatra sings,
You can't help but hope that someone might be waiting in the wings.

Some say one partner's much like another,
Anyone can learn to dance slow,
But when you're cheek to cheek, it's not your technique
That makes them not want to let go.

It was at Redondo High School, they were looking for old friends,
And I'm pretty sure that you can tell just how the story ends.
For with everything that's happened, it isn't all that strange,
What they felt thirty years ago had never really changed.

And now they slow dance, just the way they used to do,
Slow dance, and their dreams have all come true,
Now the evening's done, two hearts are one, should've known it from the start...
It's the one you dance with last that wins your heart.

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