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Sins of Commission by Tom Smith

Released on Thursday, March 16th, 2006
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The Melody Is You Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

I remember the days back in Hartford, Vermont,
Who could've guessed then everything that I'd want
Would be playing with me in the high school marching band?
I said something silly, the look on your face,
The way you fell into your instrument case,
Well, I thought those were vivid, until I first held your hand.

And then suddenly all of the music became less clear,
Because suddenly you were the only song I could hear.

White River and Queechee sent us on our way
Together we went, and together we stay,
No school could teach me what I already knew.
Your eyes are my chorus, your smile is my verse,
Your kisses the grace notes I love to rehearse,
My life is a song, and the melody is you.

Through Arkansas, New York, and New Hampshire, we did roam,
Till finally East Lansing found us, and we found home.

And all that we've done since we ended that search,
The pottery co-op, the garden, the church,
And best of all, Tammy and Katie, our dreams come true.
And forty years later, you're still got your charms,
And nothing feels greater than being in your arms,
My life is a song, and the melody's always you.

Sometimes all the notes aren't as smooth as can be,
But we always come back to that sweet harmony,
My life is a song, and the melody is you.

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