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The Last Hero On Earth by Tom Smith

Released on Thursday, May 25th, 2006
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The Romance of George and Al Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

I thank you, good sir, for the safe return,
Of my daughter, Princess Alishaya,
She has spoken to me of your bravery,
How you saved her from perils most dire.

My scientists say you're from so far away
That our charts do not even list your star,
I regret we cannot send you homeward, but
You are welcome to stay where you are.

I thank you, my queen, for your kindness,
Your offer is gladly accepted.
I pretty much knew I was stuck here with you,
For I felt every mile when I leapt it.

My daughter is quite taken with you --


Although I find you strangely clothed,
And, as she was legally dead, I am free
To declare you both betrothed.

-- Huh?

-- What?

It's a very fine Old World tradition,
Give the hero our most precious thing,
And I'm sure she will bear several daughters fair
And a son who is worthy to be king.

How this circumstance has led to romance
Is a wonderful hoary cliche.
Blare the horn! Strike the gong! You'll be wed at dawn!

Don't I have any say?

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