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Sins of Commission 2 by Tom Smith

Released on Saturday, March 14th, 2009
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Theme From Accidental Centaurs Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

I had a vision, I had a dream,
I had a theory go to the extreme,
I had a purpose, I had a place,
But then we got dragged to some otherSpace,

Accidents happen, that's what they say,
But this one keeps changing our DNA,
That's enough story, that's enough plot,
We used to be human and now we're not.

Everything's different, everything's strange,
Everything's nothing like what we knew.
Everything's shifted and slightly deranged,
Everything's different, including you.

I've got the strength of a hundred men,
But I'd like to fit into my genes again.
I've never felt so good, but I really wish
(I had my) Microwave oven and satellite dish.

Of all I imagined when I passed the vale
I never pictured having hooves and a tail,
It's nothing like I ever learned in school,
I wish I could deny this is really cool.

Everything's different, everything's weird,
Everything's changing our point of view,
Everything's nothing like how it appeared,
At least I know I can count on you.

The ones who live here think that we
Have come to fulfill some prophecy.
Not that they told us what we have to do,
So we're out here searching for any clue.

And, for all we know, every day we miss
Increases the chances we'll stay like this.
The most dangerous part of the quest I see
Is the feeling we've found our destiny.

I want to go back to the life I miss,
But can any of that compare with this?
Legends you talk to, myths you can feel,
Everything I ever hoped was real?

I've tried to be everything I could be,
The very best version there is of me,
But what if it turns out the only way
To be everything I can be is stay?

Everything's different, everything's strange,
Or is the fantasy what we knew?
Everything's beautiful, everything's dangerous,
But I can make it if I've got you.

Everything's different, everything's strange,
Worlds uncharted where dreams come true
Both of us livin' it, both of us changed,
Except for the part where I love you.
Except for the part where I love you.
They can't change my heart, and I love you.

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