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The Last Hero On Earth by Tom Smith

Released on Thursday, May 25th, 2006
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When Strikes the Clock Lyrics (by Tom Smith)

Now, you have to time this exactly right.

But it will take me home?

This is transstellar flight.
Look in the Crossing --

Hey! Hong Kong, Bombay,
St. Louis, Toledo, and Mandalay!

You can go to whatever landing point you see,
But it changes each moment, so the timing's key.

Is there a way to control it?

There's a cosmic clock.

Hm. Currently set for Vladivostok.
... Excuse me? Hello? Can I set this hub
To the All-England Lawn Tennis-Croquet Club?

Crossing reset -- Nexus activate
In eleven seconds -- ten -- nine -- eight --

Alishaya --

George --

Thank you.

Thank you. You've got to go now.

["Seven -- six -- five -- four --"]

Al --

George, I --

Shh. Me, too.

I know.

["Three -- two -- one -- "]

[big whooshing SFX]

Everything I ever wanted, and I had to let him go,
But I never will forget him, and he'll think of me, I know,
Though a million light-years stand between us, he is still my friend...
I'll never be alone again.

[INSIDE the big whooshing SFX... sudden stop]

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